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Thad Elder, M.S., LPC

About Me

Do you have heartaches in your life? Do you feel like you are arguing or fighting a lot? Feeling angry, sad, or anxious but not sure what to do? You may get stressed, exhausted or confused, you are not alone! Many people that I have helped have the same or similar feelings and have received care, support, and someone who accepts and seeks to understand you as a human being. Begin the healing today! As a Christian who is a counselor, I instill hope into many of life's "hopeless" situations.

I have worked with families, adults, and children for more than 6 years, and have helped many through depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. With counseling you can dig deep to discover the root causes of mental illness. The basis for this discovery is a safe, non-judgmental counseling relationship.

I am very easy to begin to talk with, which is sometimes the most difficult part of starting counseling. Also, I have a background in ministry which helps me to understand many of the issues seen in our community today.

Fees, Insurance & Office Hours

Fees:  $90 - $100

Insurance accepted:  Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Office Hours:   Varies; By appointment

Contact Me

Direct phone:  501-545-6420


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